Mildred Loving {1939 - 2008} - Richard Loving {1933-1975}

Mildred and Richard Loving - Civil Rights Activists - Loving vs. Virginia 1967

The Lovings were an interracial couple from Virginia, who married in 1958, in Washington, DC. When they returned home, they were criminally charged under a Virginia statute banning such marriages and were banned from re-entering the state together.

With the help of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), the Lovings filed suit seeking to overturn the law. It took 9 years but in 1967, the Supreme Court ruled in their favor, striking down the Virginia statute and all state anti-miscegenation laws as unconstitutional violations of the Fourteenth Amendment. More than 20 states, at that time had laws against interracial marriage, Alabama was the last state to comply, in 2000. HBO aired a documentary about their story for Black History Month

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